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Gravitaxis ++ Gravitaxis ++

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Vinnie is back and back with art!

It really has been a long time since I watched his last work and this is among the best works I have seen, next to Rush 2++.
The concept of reversing catch on after the next few secs and from there, it is random and completely awesome. And what great music you chose for this.
Can't wait for the next one, whenever its coming.

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Awesome Gaiden Awesome Gaiden

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My God, Its Back

Man, I thought after Metal Gear Awesome 2, the Awesome Series would be done. But after this, it is a brand new hope for many more Awesome episode to come.

Sure it was short. But in just 40 seconds, you brought some of the most witty and insanely clever material in a very fast pace. Animation and style is just a step up and just shows how far you came from your first ever piece. And by god, I will be quoting them all day long till you come up with another brilliant material.

I will be looking forward to more of your Awesome works, man! You are the man!

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Metal Gear Awesome 2 Metal Gear Awesome 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Finally!!!! An advance in the plot!

I remember the last time I watched the first MGA and I was pissing myself laughing at its random and clever humor that will etch into my mind FOREVER! Your Awesome Series has lived up to the name and when news of MGA2 arrived, I was totally flipping out!! F**K YEAH! Now that I watched it, it was like MGA1 only TWICE as BETTER! Better graphic, better animation, same humor! Totally one of the greatest moments this year!

Of course, you didn't cover the entire plot yet, but the game is actually F**KING LONG! So I really hope you would do MGA3 to finally cover the game to the end. But its your decision and if you are really ending the Awesome series, I respect that. I see great great things from you and I look forward to whatever you come up with.


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The Fuck You Song The Fuck You Song

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad

I can see you are improving in your animations. Nice job :)

GunBooster responds:

Hopefully, someday I can match your animation abilities!

The 1990s The 1990s

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Hey its me again,
I see in your most recent animations that you are using random and fast and "messy" animation, which is good to try something different. Sorry, but I'm gonna be very critiqued on this. I didn't enjoy this piece. Of course, I could understand this was done in one sitting, but like all school assignments, you should manage your time and give your project more time to work on. The humor is understandably not my cup of tea and sound was crap, like never use headphone mic. Remember: time management. All in all, this is a score I think it should get. Sorry about the harshness.
Peace Out

KenSkaii responds:

this was sloppy work. i would give myself a lower score because of the lack of effort. i cant wait to post my much better works soon

Eres Veneno ++ Eres Veneno ++

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Damn! One crazy girl!

Your works are just so awesome! The style is just so original to most of the flash animations I have ever seen. There are alot of crazy things in the world you have created. And you just keep amaze me with every animation you created.

As for this, that is one crazy chick! Haha looking forward for more!

Arfenhouse Teh Movie 6 Arfenhouse Teh Movie 6

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I wasn't really looking forward to this one, considering that the last one was unsatisfying, but .................


So now, I'll do what you told me and the rest of fans to do and leave you alone with the peace you deserve. Thank you!

"Cheer uP!" "Cheer uP!"

Rated 3 / 5 stars

good try in this remake

Hey this is MaxJayJay,

This is well-done. The humor is nice, as you managed to come up with good slapstick gags and jokes. The animation is a bit choppy and there are times when it wasn't fluid. Some parts and extra bits like Seizure Time were like fillers and I did find it unnecssary. Color schemes were alright.

I'm sorry that I'm a bit harsh in this review, but I'm reviewing this as a critic. I'll tell you, I did enjoy this work and I'm honored by this. I hope to see more from you.

FrozenSheep responds:

thanks for the review MaxJayJay. And yes "Hapless" is way better than my movie xD

BonusStage:TheLostEpisode BonusStage:TheLostEpisode

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Need Money To View Entire Episode!

I really want to see the entire episode free of charge!!! This show is so COOL! Oh well, it is good to see that you're becoming professional and earning money for your works. AWESOME! 5 for violence when Phil smashed the X-Box! Funny!!!

Bootcamp 2010 Bootcamp 2010

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good try!

Hey bro, this is a really good first try into Newgrounds. I have a pretty good fun, voice acting in your animation.
Newgrounds people will be harsh on you for your graphics, sounds, everything in it, so I can why you have mixed reviews. Still despite the awful graphics, it was still fun. Improvement is a must if you want to earn respect from NG people. All in all, I'm looking forward working on your next project...