Entry #3

www.maxjstudio.com is now up!

2008-03-18 02:49:16 by MaxJayJay


After a long while, the official website of Max J Studio is finally up! Its has been a long process for me to compile all of my works and showcase them to you, the fans in the way I envision. Without relying on the backup websites such as Deviantart and Myspace, I'm so glad to have my very own stand-alone, all-created-by-me, website!

This is a rather simple design with 60% HTML and 40% Flash, making the Max J Studio website looking very spiffy and professional-like. That way, this will be easier to update the website in the short time.

So what you waiting for? CLICK HERE and check out my website!



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2008-03-18 02:52:43

i dunno how to make websites :(


2008-03-18 03:01:25



2008-03-18 03:11:51

Nice site, I've been a fan of your work.